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Emilienheim (German), 1.) colony, Słupca powiat [county], Emilienheim gmina [district], Zagórów parish. In the year 1827, there were 31 houses, 206 inhabitants here. Emilienheim gmina belongs to gmina circuit court IV in Zagórów, post office in Trąbczyń, totals 10,640 mórgs (about 6,714 acres) of area, 5670 inhabitants. Br(onsław) Ch(lebowski)


The following supplemental information appears in Volume 15-1:


Emilienheim, village, Slupca powiat [county]. Founded on areas of estate of the Lad abbey, presented in the year 1797 by the Prussian king, Frederic Wilhelm, to duke Hohenlohe Ingelfingem, who in the year 1802 sold half of the territory to Charles Weiglow, he colonized the second half and from first names of his own children named the colonies: Friedrichfeld, Emilienheim, Adolfsberg, Sophienthal, Adelhof, Ludgwigslust, and the largest he named for the family line: Ingelfingen. In the year 1891 on a recommendation by the authorities, the names were changed: Emilienheim to Michalinowo, Adolfsberg to Zalesie, Sophienthal to Olechowo, Friedrichfeld to Tarszewe, Ludwigslust to Mały Las, Adelhof to Chruściki and Ingelfingen to Anielewo. The gmina [district] received the name: Oleśnica, from the village containing the gmina [district] office.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1881, vol. 2, p. 353; 1900, vol. 15, p. 471]


This translation, by Mark Kaszniak, is used by permission.