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1) Babice, village and manorial farmstead in the county of Biłgoraj, gmina of the same name. It lies in an unwooded valley along a small river, a left side tributary to the river Tanew, 5 versts [about 5.3 km.] from the border with Galicia. Located here are the gmina administrative office and a brewery with an annual production worth 1,400 sterling rubles [silver rubles]. Currently a new Greek Catholic church is being built for the Ruthenians. The Roman Catholics belong to the parish in Łukowa. In 1827 there were 142 houses with 754 inhabitants; currently there are 211 houses.

The gmina of Babice, in Biłgoraj county, is in Gmina Court District III, with offices in Tarnogród, where the post office is also located in Tarnogród, 34 versts [about 36 km.] from Biłgoraj. The gmina covers an area of 15,153 mórgs, population 4,737.

2) Babice, a government-owned village in Łódź county, Babice gmina, is located on the highway from Aleksandrów to Lutomiersk, post office in Lutomiersk. In 1827 there were 20 houses and 154 inhabitants. Babice gmina belongs to Gmina Court Circuit VI with offices in in Bełdów (about 8.5 km. away). The gmina administrative office is located in the settlement Kaźmierz. The population totals 2,000, and it covers an area of 3,238 mórgs; it has two elementary schools.

3) Babice, village and manorial farmstead in Warsaw county, Blizne gmina, about 9 km. northwest of Warsaw. In 1827 there were 28 houses and 266 inhabitants. The parish of Babice, in Warsaw deanery, numbers 3,098 souls.

4) Babice, village and manorial farmstead in Garwolin county, Trojanów gmina. Its total area is 2,640 mórgs; the manorial farmstead covers 1,915 mórgs. In 1827 there were 46 houses, 265 inhabitants; the current population is 374.


1) Babice. A small town in Przemyśl county, along with the outlying settlement called “Babice Wieś” [Babice village]. The manor owns 268 mórgs of farmland, 7 of meadows and gardens, 26 of pastures, and 116 of forests. Peasants own 601 mórgs of farmland, 44 of meadows and gardens, 135 of pastures, and 150 of forests. The population of the village is 623, including 363 Roman Catholics, 251 Greek Catholics, 9 Jews; it belongs to the Greek Catholic parish in Skopowo. There is a Roman Catholic parish church in the town, belonging to Przemyśl deanery, with 1,124 parishioners. At one time the parish church was located in the town of Stupnica. On 15 February 1508 Stanisław Kmita of Wiśnicz, the voivode of Ruthenia, obtained permission from Mateusz of Drzewica, the bishop of Przemyśl, to have an endowment attached to the parish chapel that Kmita had erected in Babice. Eventually the church in Stupnica fell into ruin, and by the the time when Wacław Sierakowski was the bishop of Przemyśl, there was already a Greek Catholic parish church there, made of stone. It was consecrated in 1794 under the name of the Holy Trinity.

At one time there was a lot of trade activity in this town. King Zygmunt August freed the burghers of Babice from custom tolls and tariffs, and these privileges were clarified and further expanded in a 1553 charter. The town of Babice is owned by count Zdzisław Dembiński.

2) Babice, a village in Chrzanów county, along with the villages Wygiezłów and Lipowiec, total area 2,568 mórgs, 115 houses, 749 people, with a parish church in the village, a police station, and a one-class village school. Babice is located near the state road from Kraków to Chełmek. In the area there are deposits of iron and zinc ores, an alcohol distillery, and a brewery. The local populace are involved in industry, and work as makers of lace and basket weavers. In the XII century it is said that salt rock was mined here. The Roman Catholic parish, in Nowogóry deanery, has 7,298 parishioners, and includes the following villages: Babice, Kolonia, Jankowice, Kwaczała, Olszyny, Rozkochów, Mętków Wielki and Mętków Mały, Wygiełzów, Zagórze, Żarki, Źródła Wielkie and Źródła Małe. In the village there is a small stone church with vaulted ceilings.

3) Babice, a village in Biała county, Galicia, along with the villages Zabrzeg and Chropań, has an area of 1,107 mórgs, 136 houses, 868 people. The parish church is in Oświęcim, 2 km. away. Located near the Emperor Ferdinand North Railway route and a government road from Oświęcim to Kęty.

4) Babice, a village in Rzeszów county, see Babica.

5) Babice, a village in Wadowice county, 6.5 km from Wadowice, belongs to the Roman Catholic parish in Witanowice.

Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego, Warsaw [1883, vol. 4, p. 146]

This translation, by Eva M. Zuber, edited by William F. Hoffman, is used by permission.


a village in Skałat county, 2 km. east of Grzymałów, 17 km. from Skałat... It belongs to the Roman Catholic parish in Grzymałów, and there is a Greek Catholic parish in the village, which, along with branch parishes in Leźanówka and Bilenówka numbers 939 souls of the Greek Catholic rite and belongs to the Skałat deanery... The owners of the major estate are Leonard and Julia, Count and Countess Piniński."

Source: Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polkiego i innych krajów słowiańskich - Warsaw [1881, vol. 1, p.433]

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